MMS is a Service Provider dedicated to delivering the best in class management of MRO or Indirect Material & related services to our clients.

Material Management Services, Inc. (MMS) is an integrated supply program provider. MMS manages the MRO product and service sourcing and procurement for clients. MMS can take the pain out of the MRO category and help get it organized and under control.

MMS was established in 1995 to provide Commodity Management services to automotive customers. In 2004 MMS implemented the first complete Integrated Supply Program covering all indirect supplies and related services.

The MMS approach to MRO supplies goes well beyond quoting and purchasing. Our MMS business model uses the clients price history to establish a benchmark from which cost savings is documented. In many cases MMS can negotiate a lower cost, once authorized to procure material on the client’s behalf. Piece price savings is only the beginning of our approach to Spend Management. We right size inventories, streamline receiving, payables and reconciliation. We also develop process improvements designed to help avoid unnecessary cost.

MMS never substitutes products without the proper plant approvals. MMS keeps constant pressure on suppliers to introduce cost reducing alternative products. MMS understands that the local plant has developed valuable relationships with their suppliers and wants to enhance those relationships that provide value.

MMS can also help achieve corporate objectives. By using our order entry system, we can begin the process of product and brand standardization. Once there are several plants participating, we can begin to understand the products and brands that emerge as preferred and begin the process of standardization. As we accumulate usage and spend data, we begin negotiating with manufacturers for lower costs which become available to all locations.

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